Thursday, 30 June 2011


Now here's a little joke song!
When the electronic drumkitlet (it's only a small one) first arrived (December 2010), the second thing I recorded was this: 'Go!'

Its basis was a simple drumloop, with multiple layers of live-drumming and percussion overdubbed. I added some random piano-playing, as well and a few further instruments. The main ingredients though were the vocal samples that came the kit, and that were triggered by hitting the pads. That explains the earnest and insistent 'go!' chorus, the wry laughter in the contrasting bits, and – best of all – the Maceo 'huh' in the middle! Yes, I now have my own Maceo at home! :)


  1. Cool!

    It's like a lost Revolution recording, fantastic piano work.

    Are there any lyrics for this?

    Wonderful Latin - 3121- Revolution type recording.


  2. Thanks seekay!

    No, no lyrics. Just a make up as you go piano thing, which changes every 2 bars :)