Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Nu Geen Liefde Meer" (Home-Recording)

This is a re-make of an older song of mine (written 2003 or 2004) I did last month, mainly to have a go at making a funk-song with live-drumming.
I ended up playing about 3 minutes of constant fill-ins, which was way easier than keeping a strict rhythm going. That pedal-work is killing me!
I'm not sure whether it's holding together, but it's got some nice bits - so let's see what you think.

Since it was a sort of anti-ode to my old band, it was only suitable for it to be in Dutch: 'Nu Geen Liefde Meer' ('No More Love Now').


  1. Wow...quite funky indeed! Maceo can now retire as Y is feeding the groove on his own :-)

    Very nice bit of re-ymagining into something new

  2. It needs a funky bass!! Badly!
    But I couldn't get it to work ...