Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"Hope!" (Home-Recording)

I can already play my own 'oldies' :)
"Hope!" was written back in 1990 – more than 20 years ago! Shock horror.

It was one of the first real songs I was able to put together, and featured heavily in Meander's early repertoire. We've busked it on the streets, practised it in basement rehearsal rooms, and recorded it in radio-studios (though not on air). It's a song with a past ...
Dozens of versions of it were recorded, and this is the most recent one – done on the digital eight-track in February this year (2011).

It had a little touch of Muse in the original idea I had for this arrangement, but that quickly disappeared. That aside, it combined a neatly rising chord-sequence for the chorus with a chunky guitar-riff for the verses (based on Bruno vanden Broecke's (who was the band's co-founder) bass-riff for that song).
Ah yes, I'm afraid I had forgotten the chords of the middle bit, which here morphs into a semi-improvised new-wave coda. ... And it ends with big drum-fest on the toms.



  1. New-Wave Coda!
    Muse, Rock me Amadeus, Beatles, Morrisey, then REM, an overload of styles but still holding onto Ymagintiff's signature guitar style.

    It's a grower, certainly different from other recordings, well the ones that have heard so far.

  2. 'Overload' is my middle name :)