Tuesday, 24 May 2011

"Chevrolet" (Home-Recording)

Time for a serious flashback? How about one of the old Meander songs then?

In 1989 I started my first band together with Bruno Vanden Broecke. After a few name-changes (one of them being The Knockles --- if the Bangles could rip off the Beatles by changing the first half of their name into a synonym, why couldn't we?), we decided to call ourselves Meander. This is where I learned to play the guitar, write songs, do gigs and everything. The band eventually fell apart in 1997 when I moved to the UK.

The recording I'm serving you today, is not played by Meander, but it was one of the songs we used to do – before we had the native-language-only rule. It's a funny bluesy song written by Bruno Vanden Broecke as a teenager together with his neighbour.
I recorded this off the cuff version some time in 1994 or 95, with a 1960s microphone plugged into the 1970s stereo-system in the living room. That produced a rich ever-so slightly distorted sound, which I've always liked.

I play acoustic guitar and sing, while my brother provides percussion (hitting a tambourine with two pens) and backing vocals. It's a nicely exuberant version.

PS This track is dedicated to scoop and his love for formerly Eastern-European cars :)


  1. What happened to my comment?

  2. My comment was that this sounded like a White Album demo that must have been written in India and recorded upon their return

  3. THAT is a very great compliment. Thanks Maceo! :)