Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Gett Off" (Home-Recording)

"So what is an Ymaginatif to do with an army of 'Hip-Hop' sounds," I hear you ask ...

Do I listen to hip-hop ... not particularly
Can I rap ... not at all!

So what do I do with it then? Ever since the beginnings of my music-playing in 1989, I have been looking for ways to sound more 'modern'. With my firm groundings in Beatles music and just an acoustic guitar available (not to mention a recorder, a harmonica, and a banjo), all of my songs tended to have a sixties vibe.
With the arrival of the synths and keyboards in the Y-household, I slowly moved up into the seventies, sometimes even managing to hit that eighties feeling by accident. But that seemed to be the limit for a long time, in spite of all the odd drum-tracks I threw together or weird effects I added.

Finally, with the introduction of this ‘new’ sound-card (with its phat loops and beefy basses), I am able to jump a decade, and make it all the way to the 1990s! Even though that’s still 10-20 years off of being actually up to date, it opens the doors for me to a sound I quite like. Yes – the days of wild of Prince! Grinding funk and pounding beats. Sweet!

To prove that point, I plucked up the courage to embark on a bold cover version of ‘Gett Off’ – a pretty raunchy one-chord vamp in the original. Why not ...

After recording the multi-dimensional drumloop (together with a loose guide-vocal), I overdubbed a real bass, two electric guitars, an array of sound-effects, flute (synth), and a distorted vocal (to ensure at least some anonymity). The result was ... relentless.

Can you dig it?

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