Monday, 16 May 2011

"Gett Off (Mace2theO Mix)"

Over the weekend, this splendid 5+ minutes remix of my version of "Gett Off" (posted here last week) reached me!
It was done by the famous Maceo2theO, captain of EMF Radio station ( and one of the original EMF All Stars members.

Not only did he use the original multi-tracks to create a whole new mix, he also doubled the song in length and added his own vocals (introducing Violet The Organ Grinder)!



  1. The original was so good, I just had to be part of it! Keep playing with those new beats! It gives you a different sound.

  2. Beatles meets Hip Hop, meets Prince, wrapped up and delivered by Ymaginatif and Mace2the0, baby!!

    If this were a California roll on the menu, what would you call it?

    Nice job, gents!!