Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"4 Those About 2 Funk (Mrs. Microphone)" (Home-recording)

A special feature for CKJ-funkyfive on Plug Me Inc.!
(day 1 of November's 'Ymaginatif: A Celebration' ...)

In the early days of Entropy, young Maceo was easily convinced by a moustachioed Maxim and a more hairy Ymaginatif to join their brand new (and still nameless) virtual band.
Taking the once-in-a-lifetime oppportunity with both hands, he borrowed Mrs Maceo's skype-microphone, and recorded a few rather random sentences. Then he sent the wav-file to Y, who cut it into pieces, and then slowed them down, speeded them up, and sprinkled them all over a 'music' track Maxim and he had just finished.

This track, '4 Those About 2 Funk', was a very Batman-like eletronica adventure couresty of Maxim, to which Y had added a dubious bouquet of extra synth-sounds. But it was only after the addition of Maceo's vocals, and Y's new multivoiced chorus prompted by one of his comments, that the song was really finished.

So there we have it - something to reminisce from spring 2009.


  1. I never heard this one before.

    Really cool track, very catchy, great back beat.

    Let the celebrations begin. ;-)

  2. This is crazy good stuff,
    Where was this recorded ?

  3. Where? In Three different bedrooms, on three different computers and in two different continents. If it sounds a bit like the Royal Albert Hall that's purely coincidental :)