Saturday, 26 November 2011

"Kiss" (Home-Recording)

Day 4 of the ever so glorious month of celebration:

Time for something brand new:

Kiss (26 XI 2011) [- removed, because Prince didn't like it.]


New? well, not entirely ... Every three or four years I end up recording  a version of  "Kiss" ... It was a song I already played before I was into Prince, then became a regular setlist member during the Absence days (when I *was* into Prince), and ended up being a track I record when I'm not very inspired but want to have a shot at something funky. It's an easy so many-bars blues, so it doesn't take much memory to call it up.

For this version, I first heard a 2006 8-track recording of mine. That one was trying to sound as 1980s as possible so it was adorned with marimbas, goofy synth-bass and fake brass all over it. I thought it was a good version (you might not agree ...), only let down by a somewhat limping drum track. So I decided to load the multitracks abck onto the machine, and re-do those drums.
I ended up adding three drum- and percussion-tracks (all finger-drums on the keyboard), and they came out quite well. One problem: they didn't fit the song at all - they were too fiery and funky!
There was only one solution and that was to throw away all the other instrumental tracks and to record new bass, electric guitar and keyboard.

So, all that was left was my 2006 vocals, now dressed up in a totally new 2011-backing. Sort of a reverse karaoke version of myself!


  1. I forgot to mention: part of the original whacky eighties instrumentation is still used for the 'solo'.
    And one year old Hannah makes an accidental vocal appearance just before the track starts!

    Now you know!

  2. Really like this one! :-))

    Nice to know the history behind getting this funky Kiss version out in the open.

    I thought the start was "unusual" then I read your comment and it all made sense.

    Mrs. CK likes this and trust me that is good.