Monday, 24 October 2011

'Child Of Nature' / 'Here Comes The Sun' (Home-Recordings)

This month I've been going back and forth between angry protest rock and sweet Beatles-covers. Tossing a coin on which ones to 'entertain' you with (first), the choice fell on the Beatles-covers. Lucky you! Maybe because there has been a lot of sunshine over the weekend? ...

Anyway - time for a thematic 'virtual single', I thought. Or afterthought, it was. But is somehow seemed to fit ...

A. Child of Nature (Lennon)
Or 'Jealous Guy', as most of you might know it. I started to record this song as 'Jealous Guy', but these 'great classic' compositions are always a bit daunting to pull off. I found that once I decided to re-instate John Lennon's original 1968 lyrics, suddenly things were a whole lot easier: now it made sense to have a sitar in the arrangement and to replace the whistle-solo with a vintage synth sound. At least, that's what I thought.
The vocal is way too high for me, but as usual, I did't let that stop me ...

B. Here Comes The Sun (Harrison)
Finding that I was able to play the acoustic guitar riff of this one (after 15 years of looking for it, haha), I gave it a quick recording. The sound turned out quite nicely (despite the barking dogs outside and the crying daughter in the background), so taking my cue from the original Beatles arrangement (not trying to copying it, but thinking of this as a quiet acoustic song with some surprisingly robust band-backing), I added drums, bass, percussion and synth.
Let's see whether you can spot the dogs and the daughter! 



  1. Child of Nature is very well done. I'm a fan of the Jealous Guy version that charted in the 80's, so it's nice to hear this track getting some rotation.

  2. 2 Excellent versions Y!

    For me, here come the sun should be your a-side, I found myself singing along and whistling to my hearts content.
    Looking forward to your next installment(s)

  3. Wah ! That's some high quality stuff from some guy who has been bent into a "Y".