Thursday, 8 December 2011

"Little Boy Jake" b/w "What? More?!" (Home-Recordings)

The wind outside is blowing so much, I thought you all might need a new virtual Y-single?!

The A-side is the make-up-as-you-record 'Little Boy Jake'! Yes, you might be used to me reproducing every single instrument with canned Roland sounds ... but so far the guitars had been left real, genuine and untouched.
Until last month, when I thought it was time to give the synth-guitar a try ...

So this song started as a random riff played over and over again on the keys. (I was suprised to hear how much this sound is reminiscent of Prince's Batman era songs. He must have been using the same tools back then ...)

Then I added bass, synth-drums and percussion, a 'real' guitar solo, and to end with, a vocal. I didn't have an existing song, but turned the whole thing into some social criticism rant. One day I might re-record this one, and give the contents a bit more thought. But as it is now, I think it already makes a pretty convincing demo.

Little Boy Jake

  Little Boy Jake by Ymaginatif

The B-side is the aptly titled "What? More?!" This was an improvisation, in seventies style, when I had only just bought me electronic drum-kit. The one where you use sticks and pedals instead of keys. It was nothing more than just flexing a bit of musical muscle, with drums, guitars, bass, organ, but it turned out quite nicely, and it's perfect for a B-side.

  What? More?! by Ymaginatif 

(btw, my conclusion, after having drummed for a year now. I can't drum a beat, but I can do fill ins. As long as it's just fill ins I'll be fine! :) )

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  1. geert!
    ik zit terug met u
    op potterijen en pannen te spelen
    in mijn kamer
    het plezier spat er van af
    veel te lang geleden
    en dat ligt aan mij
    waarvoor excuus
    veel liefs alleszins van mij