Friday, 19 August 2011

"KISS (Club Mix)" (Studio+Home-Recording)

Two band-reunions in one song? Everything is possible these days!

Last week I saw Tim B. again - as some of you might now, he is the co-founder and erstwhile bassist of The Absence. The band that rocked Leeds between 1999 and 2003.
Despite one or two attempts, Tim and I never got round to recording anything new after 2003.

But this changed, when last week he handed me a copy of the demo-CD his new band had just finished recording in a proper studio. This new South-English band goes by the name 'Imaginary4', and consists of him on bass and two old friends of his on guitar and vocals.
Old friends yes, because together they used to be called 'The Honey Street': Tim's acoustic folk band from the early 1990s.

One listen was enough to find that they have changed completely! They are now playing their own tight, electric pop-songs with a hint of 1980s Goth and Siouxsie and The Banshees. Cool!
They have one problem though: they are looking for a drummer. And they can't find one. So the four-song demo-CD ended up drumless ...
Until I laid my hands on it ...

In true EMF All-Stars fashion, I overdubbed the existing recording, adding drums and a few more things here and there. Just for the fun of it.
Here's the first song I tried: 'KISS'. With all its talking about iphones and texting, I thought I'd give it a modern backing. Perhaps more modern than Tim would have liked?
It's got drums played on keyboard (I tried on the kit, but that was just too hard ...).

There you have it: Imaginary4 featuring Ymaginatif - in a reunion of The Honeystreet and The Absence! Exlcusive to Plug Me Inc.

PS. For more information on Imaginary4, go to


  1. Nice work Ymaginatif...very subtle for the 1st half of the song, then bring the club in...hope Tim likes it

  2. Great tune, a bit of early U2 thrown in there, maybe it's the bass player, very Clayton.

    It has a great early 80's feel to it, very Banshee, maybe it was recorded in the 80's. The song could have gone on for another 2-3 minutes as the ending was looking for more after it calmed nearing the end.

    I liked that very much! ¦¬))

  3. I noticed the Imaginary4 songs don't have endings! :)