Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Now Ur Back - The return of the fabulous EMF All Stars!

Can you believe it, it's been three years since we've had a release from the EMF All Stars!

I'm sure you have forgotten all about this outrageous band. Just to refresh your mind, the EMF All Stars are a bunch of (mainly) Prince fans that hang out on the internet. ('Do you like 'HitnRun Phase 1?' 'I think it's rubbish!' 'I think it's absolutely great!' 'Ow, shut up already!') Although existing in different parts of the world, they meet in virtual places to create something that some may call music. Even though not all of them are strictly speaking musicians. Some are better described as magicians. They have guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, vocals, computers, which they blend and roll into a ball of otherworldly pop, funk and rock.

You remember now?

After big hits, such as '2 Ways 2 Dance', 'Scratching the Surface (Mrs. Microphone)', 'Still Waiting (4 The Chocolate Invasion', 'Entropy People' and 'Power Lines', they sort of disappeared in 2013. Probably pursuing individual successes in different continents. See whether you can find them! Now, with the threat of the end of the world looming once more, they've come together again, and are working on a whole new album. Let's call it 'The Games' ...

And this is the opening track and first single: 'Now Ur Back'

Maxim: basis and bass
Ymaginatif: guitars and vocals
Maceo: vocals and computer


  1. Was great being back in the studio again!! Off to a good start - so let "The Games" begin

  2. Nice to see your Blog back in Bloom