Wednesday 20 May 2015

Return of the Dodo - The Aimee Mann tribute album

Some of you might remember ... a year or two ago I recorded my own version of a complete Aimee Mann album: "Bachelor #2 or the Remains Of the Dodo". I started with the first song and enjoyed it so much, I just did all the others too. Some of them came naturally, others were a bit more of a struggle (without the help of Glen Tillbrook, Benmont Tench or Jon Brion). In any case, verything was done in two months, with a little major help from a friend to do the mixing (and some vocals).

Rather ambitiously, this album was then posted in two giant sound files: Side A and Side B. Then we all forgot about it. Ha!

Until a couple of days ago, I listened to it again on a train journey, and I actually quite liked some of the songs - particularly impressed by Maceo's rich and wide-screen mixing sound. So I thought, maybe it's time to give the album another online chance. But this time, more user friendly, as 14 separate songs - for you to pick and chose, love and hate, ignore and cherish.

(only vaguely relevant picture)

So, if you scroll back in time (or go to

you'll find them waiting for you!

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  1. This post brought a smile to my face. Such an amazing project you put together - I keep asking myself how one guy did this! Truly amazing