Friday, 30 March 2012

The "DoDo Project": Preview Single!

Press Release:

The “DoDo Project” starts here!

I’m sure you all know, but Bachelor No. 2 or the Last Remains Of The Dodo is Aimee Mann’s third studio album, which was originally released in 2000. It is one of the best albums in Pop Music. Says Y.

By mid-March 2012 Y had recorded sixteen tracks for the project. At that point he was contacted by soundman Maceo, who had heard about Y working on something. Before having heard any of the songs, he volunteered to do some post-production on some of the tracks. However, after a few very effective test-mixes, both he and Y agreed that he should have a go at the entire album. His input was essential to opening these songs up to a wider sound-spectrum, whilst cutting out Y’s tendency to overproduction. He even added some vocals here and there. In Maceo’s words: ‘The album sounds better with each listen!’

By the end of the month, the project is now nearing its completion – give them another 2 or 3 weeks for finalizing the mixes and sequencing the whole thing. But we love the album so much that a preview single is called for!

Well, here it is

Backfire (Maceo Mix) b/w Just Like Anyone (Demo)

Side A:

Side B:

Both songs are written by Aimee Mann and performed by Ymaginatif in his (rare) spare time. Backfire has post-production by Maceo!

PS Original artwork by Maxim


  1. The b-side is beautiful!!! Can't wait for the album to drop!

  2. Top quality sound Y and great work Maceo.

    Wonderful clean vibe through Backfire. I would say a live version with added bass and drums would go down a treat. I really like that whiny guitar running through the song.

    On the other side of the record, a much calmer melody with excellent acoustic guitar playing. Reminiscent of early Elvis Costello songs.
    I can hear that extra time and effort has gone into these as there is a more polished finish to the tracks.
    Which one do I like best, time will tell... ;-)

    Now I am really looking forward to the whole story...

    It gives me a warm feeling to be one of the chosen few who get to hear your songs / covers.

    Thank you Y!

    If you some help pushing your new project on the net, just give me a nod and I will get some grease on the wheel. I have a good few friends who would like a listen...:~/
    Anyway we can plan something when the project is released.

  3. Just Like Anyone sounds good to my ears. Here's hoping for some more of the same