Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Such A Long Time" (Studio-Recording)

Hey, does anybody remember The Absence?

Around the turn of the century, I was living in Leeds and had formed a new-wave band to tour the local pubs. Tim on bass, Tommy on drums, Claire on vocals (for some time - not in the above picture) and me on guitar and other vocals. Our beautiful name was 'The Absence'.

The sound we produced had one distinctive feature: no reverb at all on the guitar (because the reverb unit on my amp was broken).

As I have mentioned before somewhere else, at times we were ambitious enough to pay for some professional studio-time, and record an EP. 'Such A Long Time' was on one of these, driven by the drum-beat and the bass but based on a song of mine. Claire and I shared vocals, and our voices never sounded better (I still don't know what that tech guy did to them!)

PS. The single is for sale officially (Somebody seems to be making money off us?!) here:

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  1. I remember The Absence! Great band. I think they also had a online serial series...reality tv ahead of its' time!